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Live Mapping for the Tarkine in Motion

Scene from the Tarkine. Copyright Michael Dempsey

The Tarkine in Motion is an annual event held by the Bob Brown Foundation to provide artists with a chance to get out to the wild coastlines, rivers, and rainforest of the Tarkine region, to be inspired, and to make art.

A remote and diverse area of Tasmania, the Tarkine is one of the largest unprotected wilderness areas in Australia. It faces a range of threats from logging, mining, and unregulated off-road drivers.

This April, we journeyed out to the Arthur River basecamp to provide live mapping support. Our task was simple, to provide a geographic context for the artworks being produced, and communicate the breadth and diversity of the landscape to an online audience.

Check out our story map to see scenes from the beautiful Tarkine region.


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