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Geospatial Data Delivery

Want to know everything there is to know about a property?

We can find and deliver a range of spatial information tailored to your needs, provided in an easy to use format that can be viewed in Google Earth.

We can also produce non-interactive customised maps of a property for digital viewing or printing.

Data could include;





Slope Aspect (direction)

Historical Vegetation Models

Vegetation Communities

and more!


Environmental Advocacy Projects

Are you part of a not-for-profit group working to save forests, fight climate change, or transform our food systems?

We can offer mapping and spatial support for your projects, whether it be research, online story maps, spatial analysis or remote sensing.

Bushwalking/Adventure Maps

Going on a remote adventure? Tell us where you are going and we can provide customised digital maps ready to print and laminate!


Mapping workshops

We can provide workshops on GIS and field mapping with handheld devices. Ideal for farm mapping, citizen science, ecological surveying or any mapping project you can imagine.

Subject to availability/travel requirements

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